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Beginning decades ago with founding lawyer Sen. David Sibley, our firm has committed itself to providing exceptional representation to clients. Further, we have committed ourselves to doing so on a personalized basis.
Our approach lends itself particularly well to protecting you when you face federal criminal charges. As you may already know, the law and rules in federal cases are different from those in state cases. We can help you with both.

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We can help you challenge a comprehensive range of federal criminal drug charges, including:



Our office can defend you against charges related to any number of drugs, including heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and others. We can also protect your rights regardless of the amount of drugs involved.

We want you to know all of your legal options. We also want you to choose from those options wisely.

We will work with you one on one, as we believe the basis for a successful case is a successful attorney-client relationship.

Because we will get to know you, we will learn your legal needs and goals. Drawing on that knowledge, we will craft legal solutions responsive to your specific circumstances.

You can count on us to protect your rights. Whether negotiating for a lesser plea or going to trial, attorney Sibley is an experienced trial attorney you can rely on for effective representation.

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