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At Sibley Law Firm, we carry on a decades-old commitment to exceptional legal representation. Begun by Sen. David Sibley, our Waco, Texas, firm is led today by his son, lawyer Jonathan Sibley.
A signature feature of our law firm is our ability to craft personalized legal guidance responsive to our clients' needs. Attorney Sibley will work one on one with you to learn your case and your individual legal goals.

Protecting You Against Internet Sex Crime Charges

Today, clients come to us facing criminal charges that simply didn't exist years ago. Internet sex crimes are among those charges, and we know how to help clients fight them. We can defend you against a wide variety of charges, including those involving:



•Online solicitation
•Human trafficking
•Child pornography


Our experience includes work both in negotiations and in the courtroom at trial. You can depend on us to advise you wisely as to which options will best protect your rights.

As a longstanding Waco area firm, we know how the law is practiced. We understand how prosecutors handle cases like yours. We also understand how your case will be viewed by the judge who is hearing it.

We combine our local knowledge with our general knowledge of how the law works. Even where the law is still developing or unclear when it comes to internet crime, we have the legal judgment you need to move forward intelligently.

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