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Vague Rules. Vague Penalties.

If you are facing school discipline or even campus sexual assault charges, including rape, you are most likely terrified. Remember: You are not alone.
At Sibley Law Firm in Waco, Texas, our attorney can help. We have years of experience at trial and have successfully defended clients against accusations of campus sexual assault.
We know that schools often inadequately investigate cases, yet still heavily penalize students. Further, you may have been led to believe that prosecutors do not pay attention to a school's internal disciplinary proceedings.
In fact, prosecutors do indeed pay attention to those proceedings. For that reason, you do not want to enter into any agreements or representations with the school without consulting first with a lawyer committed to protecting your best interests.

We Will Work With You Individually


Every school seems to have its own process when it comes to handling campus sex assault cases. Sometimes, even within the same school, the processes are different from case to case because school personnel have been given too much authority or they have simply ignored the rules that govern their discretion.

Our firm's personalized approach to the law lends itself particularly well to these cases. We will take the time to get to know you and the facts of your case. That level of specific knowledge will enable us to help you protect your rights, particularly when the school has disregarded the law or a disciplinary rule.

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