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Have You Received A Letter From Us?
Criminal Defense For Waco-Area Clients
You may be on this Web page because you received a letter from us. At Sibley Law Firm, we send letters to people in our community who have been charged with crimes.
At Sibley Law Firm, we are a local law firm that cares about the people in our Waco, Texas, area community. If you have been charged with a crime, it is critical to work with a lawyer you can trust to protect your rights and help you get the results you need.
We defend clients against a wide range of criminal charges, including sex crimes, DWI, violent crimes, theft crimes, and major federal crimes and white collar crimes.
Sibley Law Firm is:


Local: Attorney Jonathan Sibley has nearly 10 years of experience serving clients in the Waco area, and his father, Senator David Sibley, has been serving the community for decades and he serves an of-counsel role for the firm.
Experienced: We are trial lawyers. While some attorneys try to plea bargain every case, we are not afraid of criminal trial. We know when it's best to plea down and when a case is worth fighting in the court.
Understanding: We know that you never intended to be facing criminal charges. Perhaps you made one mistake. You might have circumstances in your life that have led you to commit a crime. You might have been falsely accused. Whatever your circumstances, we are ready to defend you in the courtroom.


    We also understand that the cost of legal service can be significant for many people. We are happy to talk with you about long-term payment plans so that you can afford quality legal representation.

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